Diabetes Education


FNQ Allied Health provide an array of diabetes education services to help you get on top of any challenges you may be facing with your diabetes management. Whether you’re  experienced and well apt with your management  or someone whose recently been diagnosed and may have a few questions you’d like answered, FNQ Allied Health can provide the help you need.

FNQ Allied Health’s team are fully qualified, insured and ready to support you and your diabetes management goals.

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Comprehensive BGL Assessment and Education

A cornerstone of good diabetes management is knowing how to properly test and manage your blood glucose levels (BGLs). FNQ Allied Health provide accredited diabetes education services to help those who are newly diagnosed understand the “ins and outs” of their diabetes management and assist the client to prevent and manage the possible long term complications associated with diabetes.

HbA1c% Management

Similar to BGL management, understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy HbA1c% is vital to achieving healthy long term outcomes for those with diabetes.

HbA1c% is the percentage of glycated haemoglobin in our body. This test tells us your body’s average BGL reading over a 12 week period and is an important piece of information when deciding what course of action may be required. 

HbA1c% levels are the gold standard used by health practitioners to determine how well a diabetes management plan is going. It is the HbA1c% that dictates whether changes in management techniques need to be considered or whether new medications need to be initiated.

Lifestyle Management

The definition of lifestyle management is: adjusting and/or improving factors within a person’s day to day life, which are negatively impacting on their capacity to achieve their goals.

Often, work hours, family commitments, screen time, stress, lack of motivation, and simply not knowing where to begin are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when planning to achieve your goals. FNQ Allied Health understand there are lots of factors within your day-to-day life, which impact on your capacity to achieve your goals and specialise in helping make this process easier.

Medication Overview

Type II Diabetes is a progressive condition. Although great management can be achieved through dietary and exercise intervention, chances are that at some point medications will need to be considered and discussed to complement the great work you’ve had with lifestyle intervention.

Thankfully, Australia has some of the best diabetes medications in the Western World and the team at FNQ Allied Health can talk you through your options that best suit your individual preferences.

Insulin Overview

Gold-standard diabetes management requires astute care and attention to detail when establishing and/or adjusting a client’s insulin dose. FNQ Allied Health have the knowledge on all the latest insulin options and can specifically tailor the correct insulin regime for your needs.


Improved Glycaemic Control

Improved HbA1c% Results

Weight Management

Dietary Support

Carbohydrate Education

Sick-day Management

Reduced BGL Swings

Improved Range of Control

Hypo Management

Foot, Kidney and Eye Health

Insulin Titration and Support

Medication Management