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When it comes to personal training, no one beats the team at FNQ Allied Health. Their years of experience complemented by the great facilities in which they work make for a first class experience for their clients.

If you’re looking to lose weight, get fit, build muscle, or simply want some guide and instruction on establishing the right training program for you then get in touch with the Exercise Physiologists at FNQ Allied Health.

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What’s the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a personal trainer?

Firstly it needs to be recognised that personal trainers are fantastic at what they do. Personal trainers are upbeat, charismatic and motivating – they play an integral role in the fitness industry and are responsible for many success stories!

Exercise Physiologists provide an amazing personal training service too with a few hidden extras:

Exercise Physiologists are university qualified and have completed a minimum of 350 hours of supervised practicum placement as well as having needed to complete practicum placement with sub-groups of clients such as working with people with disabilities and providing services to high falls risk clientele, for example.

Exercise Physiologists have completed training in human movement, bio-mechanics, anatomy and physiology, sports and exercise psychology, health and fitness assessments, nutrition and exercise program design and prescription.

Exercise Physiologists are qualified to work with people who have a medically diagnosed injury or condition and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to cater for the barriers associated with those conditions.

Exercise Physiology services are eligible for Medicare and Private Health rebates.

Comprehensive Assessments

How do you know you’re on the right track to achieving your goals?

You need to have something to measure in order to determine your success.

FNQ Allied Health can provide you with numerous options for you to monitor your progress and measure your success. Body composition assessments, strength assessments, functional capacity assessments and timed tests are all options you can employ to get the best out of your training.

Motivational Workouts

Exercise Physiologists are the specialists in personal training and have the background knowledge to ensure that your program is safe for any underlying medical conditions you may have.

Exercise Physiologist utilise motivational psychology to keep you ahead of the game with your gym goals. If you’re looking to lose weight, get strong, keep fit, or simply want a professional to show you the best way to achieve your gym-based goals then the accredited Exercise Physiologists at FNQ Allied Health are the personal trainers for you.

Individualised Programs

You’re unique. So why should your gym program be any different?

FNQ Allied Health know how to tailor a gym routine specific to your goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or train for a particular upcoming event, let FNQ Allied Health be your secret weapon with targeting your goals.

Ongoing Support

Maintaining changes within your lifestyle takes a lot of dedication, planning and continuous self-assessment, often which can be overwhelming.

FNQ Allied Health recognise that your goals will take time and you’ll need a helping hand at some stage along the way. FNQ Allied Health are the experts in providing that support, encouragement and clear picture you need to target your goals.



Training for Events

Strength and Conditioning

Injury Prevention

Improved Self Esteem

Increased Muscle Mass

Decreased Body Fat


Program Variety

Progressive Routine

Fun and Engaging

Improved Health and Well Being