FNQ Allied Health loves working with the NDIS.

FNQ Allied Health have a team of fully registered and insured providers ready to help you along your journey. FNQ Allied Health have been an integral part of many success stories and are widely appreciated by their clients. It is the joy of seeing people grow and succeed in their goals that drives FNQ Allied Health to want to continue going above and beyond for their clients.

If you are looking for an Exercise Physiologist to be involved with your plan or are wondering how FNQ Allied Health can help you achieve your goals then get in touch with them and experience the difference.

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Goal Setting

FNQ Allied Health loves working with the NDIS. Being part of someone’s plan and helping them achieve their goals is what motivates the team at FNQ Allied Health to be better professionals every day. FNQ Allied Health can help you set a plan of attack to achieve the goals that are specific to you. If there are areas within your day to day life that you would like help improving, then speak with the team at FNQ Allied Health and let the experts help you along your journey.

Personalised Exercise Programs

Exercise Physiologists specialise in exercise prescription. FNQ Allied Health are the experts in providing exercise programs to help people with impaired capabilities improve their independence and functional capacity. Whether the client wishes to use commercial gym facilities, a pool, a park, or exercise in the comfort of their own home, FNQ Allied Health can provide you with an individualised plan to achieve your goals.

Functional Capacity Assessments

Understanding just how well you’re improving is vital to knowing whether your current regime is right for you. FNQ Allied Health can complete an array of functional capacity tests to help measure your progress as you work towards achieving your goals. This is great for ongoing reports for NDIS plans and a terrific way to help maintain your motivation.

Ongoing Motivation and Support

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be difficult and intimidating. The idea of using a commercial gym or a public pool can be equally daunting. FNQ Allied Health provide all the support and encouragement you need and will guide you through the all stages of your journey. FNQ Allied Health can establish tiered levels of exercise prescription so you can progress into more challenging exercises and activities at your own speed as your confidence and capacity improves.


Improved Independence

Improved Immune Health

Weight Management

Improved Compliance

Decreased Stress and Anxiety

Increased Social Activities

Improved Functional Capacity

Improved Strength and Fitness

Meet New People

Ongoing Support

Improved Mental Health

Lasting Results